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Clive Richardson Limited

Worldwide Stadium Pitch
Design & Construction

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Clive Richardson Limited

Sportsground Design,
Construction and Rennovation

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Clive Richardson Limited

Fine Turf

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Clive Richardson Limited


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Clive Richardson Limited

Grounds and Facility Management

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What We Do

The core business of CRL (Clive Richardson Limited) involves the design, construction, renovation and maintenance of a wide range of sportsground surfaces. We utilise over fifty years of knowledge to offer guidance to national governing bodies, architects, consultants and clubs on the best way to achieve their desired playing surface by incorporating the most appropriate construction techniques and the most up to date technology within their pitch make-up. We have vast experience in the installation of rootzone profiles, irrigation systems, under-pitch heating systems, sub-air systems and hybrid stitched systems in a wide variety of climates.


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    We offer expert solutions across a number of other areas including Arboriculture and Grounds and Facility Management.  We are one of only two Arboricultural Association ARB Approved Contractors in Northern Ireland, and have carried out Grounds and Facilities Management Contracts for a diverse range of Clients for approaching fifty years.

    Whilst renowned for these services, CRL also offer a much wider range of services across the group.  These services include landscaping, treatment and eradication of invasive species, waste wood recycling and mixing of specialist blend profiles.  Further details on each of these services can be found in the other services section.

FAI National Training Centre Constructed by CRL

Evolved from the company established in the 1960's, Clive Richardson Limited was one of the first specialist sportsground companies on the island of Ireland.

  • Over 50 years experience in sportground construction

    Evolved from the company established by Cecil Haffey in the 1960's, Clive Richardson Limited was one of the first specialist sportsground companies on the island of Ireland. The projects which we have undertaken range from the smallest MUGA pitches in rural Ireland to the largest international stadiums around the world.
    CRL pride ourselves in the retention of our staff, many of whom have been with us in excess of 30 years and include some of the foremost names in the sportsground industry. This level of experience is unrivalled in the industry and is utilised to ensure that the projects which we deliver are to the highest possible standards.
    Over the years CRL's experience has been further enhanced by the acquisition of renowned specialist sportsground companies John G. Duff Limited and Horta Soils Limited. These companies were synonymous with some of the most iconic sportsground projects across the island of Ireland and brought enhanced knowledge to the CRL brand particularly in the areas surrounding Fine Turf Maintenance.

  • A one-stop-shop for all of your sportsground requirements

    Clive Richardson Limited offer a fully comprehensive service for all of your sportsground requirements. We realise that the design, construction and maintenance of any sporting facility can be a troublesome process and so at CRL we offer expertise across all areas.
    Our specialist services ensure that the sportsground surfaces are designed and constructed to the highest standards incorporating the latest industry technology and ideas. We also offer a full post construction service, maintaining the sportsgrounds on a daily basis or offering periodic guidance and expertise on achieving the most from the surface. This ensures that the finished surface offers greater reliability and performance characteristics not only in the short term , but long term also.

  • Mobile mixing plant to create those specialist blend profiles

    CRL have mobile blend mixing machines which enable us to mix specialised blend profiles on-site thus avoiding the potential for unnecessary contamination when constructing specialised sportsground surfaces. The compact and easily transportable unit is quick to erect and set-up, and is ideal for those sites with limited space. Without any need for building masonry or anchors to the ground, the mobile mixing plant is extremely versatile and convenient to handle without the need of any special permits for the installation.
    The machines can mix and blend up to 50Tons per hour depending on the type of materials being mixed. Blends can be created in any ratio with the ability to mix a number of different materials at the one time to create unique finished profiles useful for any number of sportground surfaces.

  • Removal of old synthetic pitches for recycling or re-use with the TurfMuncher

    When a synthetic pitch has reached the end of its' useful life and needs to be replaced, the TurfMuncher lifts the turf, separates the infill, and rolls up the turf in one process without damage to the base. This allows for the turf and infill to be recycled, re-purposed, or re-used.
    The TurfMuncher's proprietary removal devices separate up to 98% of the infill from the turf. The 2,400 mm discharge height of the exit conveyor allows for the infill to be collected in large bags, carts, or equipment buckets for bulk storage or shipping. Due to the extremely high infill discharge rate of up to 900 kg/min., the collection method and moving logistics will affect the removal rate of the TM5000.
    All working components of the TurfMuncher TM5000 are powered by the self-contained 29.8 kw, 70 litres/min. mobile hydraulic system. This provides sufficient power to remove even the heaviest of synthetic turf systems. Easily accessible speed controls enable the operator to adjust the speed of the machine to compensate for all types of turf systems and conditions. The 16 pneumatic tyres support the machine with a maximum pressure of 2.4 bar on the base
    After the infill is removed, the empty turf is accumulated in a tightly wound roll on the back of the machine. When the desired amount of turf is rolled up, maximum diameter 900 mm, the roll is cut and doffed and a new roll is started. The rolls of turf can easily be collected, loaded, and transported for recycling or re-purposing.

  • An Arboricultural Association ARB Approved Contractor

    CRL are one of only two ARB Approved Contractors in Northern Ireland. Established by the Arboricultural Association more than forty years ago, the Approved Contractor scheme exists to set the standards for tree surgery work. The Arboricultural industry is not regulated by government but has a high accident potential and a responsibility to care for the nation’s rich tree heritage.
    In 2012 the AA scheme attained ISO 9001 (UKAS) accreditation in recognition of its quality management systems and is now a registered member of SSIP (The Safety Schemes in Procurement forum - the umbrella organisation for recognised health & safety schemes in the UK.) This brings further acceptance and credibility to the scheme and its members who uphold the national standard for arboricultural contracting businesses.
    The ARB Approved Contractor scheme offers a recognised benchmark for arboricultural contracting throughout the UK and Ireland and is increasingly demanded by Local Authorities and other large commercial organisations. ARB Approved Contractor is also of considerable benefit in the domestic sector as a quality mark assuring the client of good quality tree care undertaken safely and efficiently.

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