Belfast City Council – Provision of Arboriculture Services

Belfast, Northern Ireland

Clive Richardson Limited were appointed by Belfast City Council to provide arboriculture services throughout the Council’s geographical area including Council managed Parks, Cemeteries, Playing Fields and Open Spaces. The Contract also covers tree surgery operations on street trees in the care of the Council, on behalf of the DRD Transport NI, and on Park trees. CRL on behalf of the Council provides overall responsibility for the management of 14,500 street trees and 40,000+ park trees.

The Council considers that generally speaking the residents of Belfast are very tree conscious and are keen to ensure that trees are managed sensibly, both to enhance their long-term aesthetic value and to ensure permanent tree cover for future generations. Consequently, tree management enjoys a high profile and this contract plays a small part in ensuring the long-term future of trees under their care. The Council prides itself in offering a high standard, front facing service to all its residents and considers the quality of the environment as a priority in which all the trees contribute to the city’s own unique identity making it a healthier place in which to live and work.

Tasks undertaken with this contract include but are not limited to deadwood, crown lifting, crown thinning, crown reduction and reshaping, complete pruning, topping/lopping and pollarding, removal of epicormic shoots, root pruning, branch/limb hanger removal, felling (sectional and ) and removal, chip out stumps, grub out stumps, treat stumps, hedge cutting, removal and cutting of ivy, tree inspection, wound treatment, cable bracing and rod bracing, Christmas tree installation and removal and supply of a range of bark mulch materials. Tasks are a mixture of scheduled/planned, unscheduled and emergency works and can take place in a wide variety of locations throughout the area including on busy roads, on the banks of the river lagan and overhanging private residences.

CRL have to report all outbreaks of diseases such as Sudden Oak Death, Ash Dieback, Fire blight and pests such as Lime Mite, Nut Scale and the Asian Longhorn beetle to the Authorising Officer within twenty-four hours of discovery.

CRL are also responsible for undertaking and writing up detailed health and condition surveys, recommending tree protection measures within development sites and have the ability, expertise and experience to represent the Council as an expert witness in Planning Appeals and Public enquiries.

CRL have a responsibility under this contract for a wide variety of HSEQ matters including the reporting of nesting birds or other flora and fauna of note which are offered protected status, the planning and implementation of appropriate Traffic Management Plans, LOLER, RAMSAR (Belfast Lough) and risk management plans. CRL are also responsible for notifying the Council’s Planning Service regarding Tree Preservation Orders, Conservation Areas or Planning Legislation relevant to the various sites.

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