Jordanstown Sports Pitch 7

Ulster University, Northern Ireland

Ulster University is recognised as one of the premier sporting Universities on the island of Ireland.  As part of its pledge to become a leader in performance sport, the University has made a firm commitment to develop world class sporting facilities across its campuses.

As part of this process the University decided to upgrade sports pitch 7 at the Jordanstown Campus.  Sports Pitch 7 was an existing sand carpet natural turf pitch used for mostly Gaelic football and soccer.

Clive Richardson Limited was awarded the contract for the upgrading of Sports Pitch 7 at the Ulster University’s Jordanstown Campus in early 2016.

The following elements were included in the specification for the upgrading of Sports Pitch 7 at Ulster University’s Jordanstown Campus:

The upgrading works will include the removal of the existing pitch surface and sand carpet, upgrade of existing drainage systems, replacement of pitch surface/makeup with a new fibre-sand topped sand carpet pitch, including drainage improvements and grow in. The works shall also include the provision of an irrigation system, involving a new booster pump station, connecting to an existing underground water storage tank, associated pitch pipework, associated electrical works to supply a new travelling sprinkler system.  The Contractor is to be responsible for the supervision and management of the grow-in period until practical completion within 10 weeks of the works completion.

Works will consist of:

  • Travelling Irrigation system
  • Removal of existing grass surface and organic matter
  • Exposing of existing pipe drainage and testing; re profiling of drain lines
  • Installation of additional primary drainage system
  • Installation of secondary drainage system
  • Installation of a 100 mm fibre sand layer on the surface
  • Grow in and management of pitch until handover


The University Campus and general sports grounds surrounding the pitch remained operational for the duration of the works. We, the Contractor, were required to maintain adequate protection of pitch no. 7 during construction and to project completion.

Clive Richardson Limited undertook the project to deliver a high quality fibre sand pitch for the University.  The works were carried out by Clive Richardson Limited over a 12 week period from May 2016 until early August 2016.  The pitch grow-in phase was managed by Clive Richardson Limited until practical completion in October 2016.

Clive Richardson Limited delivered the project using the following staged methodology:

  • Set up site fencing to perimeter.
  • Carry out drainage investigation
  • Koro off pitch surface and stockpile
  • Install lateral drainage and connect to existing pipework
  • Install slit drainage
  • Install new irrigation system and connect to existing system and commission
  • Spread sand over footprint and ameliorate
  • Install fibre sand, cultivate and roll
  • Grade and seed
  • Maintenance Period – (Sixteen cuts and four fertilizer visits between July 2016 – Oct 2016)

Key Features

  • Irrigation
  • Fibresand

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Awards Name: 2017 ALCI Landscape Awards

Category: Sportsgrounds

Award Level: Award of Merit

Project: Ulster University Jordanstown Pitch 7

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