Carryduff GAC

Belfast, Northern Ireland

Clive Richardson Limited were awarded this contract to carry out development works within the grounds of Carryduff GAC in Belfast.

The Alpha works 2016 contract involved the provision of a 4.8m high hurling wall, 3G training area 40m x 21m, 3m high boundary fencing, floodlighting to 250lux, concrete path and associated drainage and a separate fitness equipment enclosure.

The club decided to append the construction of new natural grass training pitch onto the Alpha Works contract.  The training pitch was to be constructed on an area that was currently being used as a pitch, but had never formally been constructed to serve as a pitch.

The following methodology was used during the construction of both the works covered under the alpha works 2016 project and the construction of a new natural grass training pitch project:

  1. site set-up and construct temporary entrance
  2. excavate topsoil from synthetic area & deposit on proposed grass training area
  3. excavate sub-soil from synthetic area & deposit on proposed grass training area
  4. take down existing chain link fence
  5. install main and lateral drainage to grass training area
  6. spread topsoil over training area
  7. import topsoil if required
  8. install outlet pipe, manholes and head-wall for synthetic area
  9. install lateral drains to synthetic area
  10. place base stone on synthetic area
  11. install secondary stone drains to grass training area
  12. erect hurling wall
  13. erect floodlight columns and install perimeter ducts
  14. erect perimeter fencing posts
  15. lay concrete paths and mowing strip to pitch surround
  16. erect fencing panels
  17. install electric cables and floodlights
  18. prepare stone base for carpet
  19. lay shockpad and carpet
  20. place and grade sand on grass training area
  21. install exercise equipment and grass reinforcement to exercise area
  22. seed out training pitch and reinstate all disturbed areas
  23. demobilise from site

Key Features

  • 3G Pitch
  • Ball Wall
  • Fencing
  • Floodlights
  • Gym and Play Equip

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